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safety thought - rohit vartak july 2018

Tikona Fort.. no noo.. not now.. I have done this trek 5 years back. Now I dont want to take high risk or to go on treks, especially on weekends bucause according to numbers more people are dying in trekking than in extreme adventure sports.
Almost on every weekend someone is dying somewhere. We rescue teams just wait for the call of rescue. Either we search them live or recover theirs dead bodies. It has became routine for us.
Everyone has to think on it. "Outdoor" companies ( inexperienced ) are more responsible for it, even villagers and government athorities have to put some control measures on some trekking spots where more people are dying.
And ultimately its everyone's responsability to be safe and keep others safe.
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Places to avoid trekking during rains in maharashtra by Team ॥महाराष्ट्र देशा॥

पावसाने चांगलाच जोर धरला असल्यामुळे प्रत्येकाने पावसात चिंब भिजण्यासाठी, मनसोक्त डुंबण्यासाठी वेगवेगळ्या ठिकाणी जाण्याचा विचार केला असेल. जाण्यापुर्वी आपण खालील ठिकाणावर जात नाहीत आहोत ना ह्याची खात्री करून घ्या. खालील ठिकाणे हे पावसाळ्यात करण्यायोग्य नाही आहेत. एकाएकी पावसाचा जोर वाढल्यास ओढे नदीनाले भरून वाहू लागतात आणि अशावेळी अपघात होण्याची शक्यता आहे.

खालील ठिकाणी जाताना तुम्हाला कमीतकमी एक तरी ओढा ओलांडावाच लागणार आहे. त्यामुळे काळजी घेतलेली चांगली.

तसेच तटबंदीवर, कड्यावर किंवा धबधब्यात सेल्फी घेण्याच्या प्रयत्न करू नका. सेल्फीच्या वेडापायी अनेकांनी आपले जीव गमावले आहेत.

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sahyadri maharashtra Trekking spots with heavy crowd july 2018

Due to extremely heavy crowd and life threatening safety issues at following places, Travorbis will not be arranging following treks till mid-September.
1. Kalsubai
2. Andharban
3. Devkund
4. Harihar
5. Peb
6. Lohgad
7. Kalavantin durg
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news paper clippings on safety issues in maharashtra trekking july 2017

No more walking ‘green mile’ for Pune trekkers: Safety top priority as accidents spike
PUNE Updated: Aug 20, 2017 16:28 IST

nullah in Tamhini ghat Two trekkers still missing
 Tamhini valley and Maan taluka,n Bhira dam area,hills located at Pimpri village
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According to Raigad and Navi Mumbai police, 16 people have died and more than 50 have received injuries at various waterfalls and hilly areas around Mumbai during this monsoon.

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After 2 deaths in Lonavla, Thane bans trekking at Mahuli, Tansa and Bhatsa till Sept Jul 23, 2017 01:52 IST

2 tourists die as they imitate the ‘Baahubali jump’ at Mahuli waterfall; police to bar tourists’ entry.
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