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Mountain Sports Academy safety initiatives

20th August, 2017,
Especially for Organisers: 
If you are really going for any Monsoon Trek, we need to take care of few things,
Like Basic handling about how to use and Anchor Rope / Basic First Aid etc.
It’s a one full day session – Half day for anchoring and half day for basic First Aid,
Date : 20th August, 2017, - Closed to Mumbai – Borivali East or Thane
Only for 25 Enthusiastic – First come first basis
Facilitation Fees: No Fees 
Faculty : Mr. Dhiren Talpade / Nandu Chavan / Nandkishor Chavan
Team : Mountain Sports Academy / Jumpstart India / Allied Petzl India,
Please don’t call, confirm your seats with refundable deposit of Rs.1,000/-*
For more details please send request on FB messenger only

20th August, 2017
Why is First Aid Important?
First Aid knowledge is invaluable for both you as the individual and for your community. It enables you to assist persons who become injured in the event of an accident or emergency situation until help arrives. First Aid skills can be applied in the home, the workplace or in public locations, therefore the more First Aid certified people there are in a community the safer that community becomes.
Basic First Aid for Young Kids,.
A program specially designed for children, aged 11 to 16 Yrs. 
With Certified and Qualified Trainer, Mr. Dhiren Talpade.
Date : Sunday, 20th August, 2017
Fees: Rs.250/- 
[Which Includes Professional Fees / Gifts and Certificates; Only for 25 Young Kids & 1 Parent as a companion - (No Charges from Parents)]
Organizers: Jumpstart Outdoors & Mountain Sports Academy
Who is it for? 
No one likes to think of their child being in an emergency situation. But emergency situations can arise when least expected. By learning first aid skills, you can make sure that your child would have the confidence to handle such a situation and help others. This one day course has been designed with Young Kids in mind, to guide you through exactly what you need to know. It covers a range of childhood emergency situations; from choking and fainting to dehydration, sprains and bruises.
It's perfect for: Young Kids and Parents
Length : 4 hours
Course Content includes: Dealing with an emergency Choking, Head injury, Burns, Allergic reaction, Swallowed something harmful, Bleeding heavily, Nosebleed/Broken bones, strains and sprains.
Picture Credit : Slideshare and Palvi Learning’s and Development
For more details, please comment or message or email us:
Dhiren :


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